privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We at Durham Graphics have put together this policy page to demonstrate our commitment to you with out own privacy guide.
This statement provides you with the information practices and information collection rights for our website

Automatically Logging Information

Our website uses collection software including (google analytics) to measure how our visitors use our website, we do use cookies to collect this data, cookies are a piece of software placed onto your device that enables third party websites to collect data for us to analyse at a later date.

It must be stated that we do not have the ability for personally identifying individuals or using any of the information collected for personal identification.
The information collected for us is only used to monitor and improve our websites performance and provide a better future visiting experience, this also apply’s to any 3rd part involvement we have not given any authorisation to expand on our statement or do we intend to in the future.

Enabling and disbling cookies

You Can change the settings for cookies by altering the cookie settings in your browser.

External links

We may from time to time include external links to other sites, we have no control over their day to day activity’s and by visiting any external link is by your own choice.

Personal Info

We do offer subscriptions to updates or possibly product purchases and we will require your name and email address, we will only use this information as described on the page and we will contact you from time to time as you have requested.

Your personal information will never be sold to 3rd parties and is only ever used by use for our services or products.

Do you have a question?

If you would like to know more about our privacy policy or have a question
please contact us we are more than happy to help.